Radically Open Security

Dr. Jan-Mark Wams

I just like to code. I use vi or VisualStudio just as easily as Emacs. Code with equal pleasure in BASIC, PostScript, sed, assembly, JavaScript, Scheme or C. Designed and implemented compression techniques, games, domain specific languages, analytical, geographical, graphical, mathematical, educational and distributed systems. I like to split bits, (not yet) optimize, refactor, meta code, reverse code. I worked on Windows, MS-DOS, VMS, NT, iOS, Linux, Minix, OS X, SunOS, but also on a PLC, NXT and even bare bones hardware. I own an Altair (replica), Curta (original), VT100, Apple IIc and I type this on an vintage 1985 design IBM model M keyboard. In short, if you need a coder, I’m your man. And yes, I do have a Ph.D. in computer science.